Truth is stranger than fiction

In Bill Gibson's own words in sworn testimony about himself:
"The D.A. is a child killer."

"The D.A. is hiding... You know, the D.A. is a John Wayne Gacey. The D.A. has got dead babies buried all around in his yard." Transcript


The Gibson Legacy: 

Dead baby captial of Tennessee

Lawyers investigate Gibson's role
DA's name on letter raises questions in “pyramid” scheme

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (April 21, 2003) – When Robert Clark went to his mailbox late last month and saw “Bill Gibson” as the sender of the white envelope,

Sgt. Clark in Korea, 1992

“I recognized his name as the district attorney general and thought it was going to be a jury summons notice or something,” the 34-year-old former Army fuel systems and aircraft maintenance sergeant recalled. Now, Clark and others wonder whether the DA is using his office to endorse a pyramid scheme.  Click here for Story

Gibson blocked witnesses from testifying where Looper was the day Tommy Burks was killed.
Looper wasn't in the state, but Gibson got him life


(DA Bill Gibson, read this)
Ignorance is not always bliss
Putnam Pit editor

One really unfortunate thing about people who succeed without being very intelligent is that smarter people use them by treating them as their equal then cast them aside like an old pizza box out back a drug task force hideout.
(For those with low intelligence who are in public office in the 13th Judicial District of Tennessee, I will write in short words placed between curved red lines like this () at both sides of the part meant for you.)(Click here for Article)


Innocent Cookeville man says DA threatened to prosecute him anyway unless he agreed not to sue businesses that wrongfully accused him
"If I have learned one thing in the past 10 years that I have lived in Cookeville, it is that it is not what you know, it is who you know. And it sure doesn't help much when you're not from around here either." Story
Now.  . . . DA Gibson does whatever he must -- including misrepresent the truth under oath --  to keep the killer of Darlene Eldridge free -- Story
Putnam County Court Clerk Lewis Coomer
Putnam County Circuit Court Clerk Lewis Coomer is a thief, and DA Gibson will even lie to protect him. WHY?

Guess who's pulling my strings, Buffalo Gaw.
COOKEVILLE -- During his first term as district attorney general, William E. Gibson has been busted spending public money to pay his staff's professional taxes; spent  thousands of public dollars painting his name on the side of his office; used public money to reprint state-prepared training manuals so that they would bear his name.

Gibson publicly lashed out at a judge who, other lawyers said, ruled properly in a case Gibson argued poorly but then tried to cover up for his shortcomings.

He is, to let the vernacular go for a moment, in a "urinating contest" with his predecessor, now-U.S. Attorney John Roberts, after Roberts took issue with Gibson's determination that a drowned man with blocks tied to his body committed suicide. Stupid mistakes? Yes!



Sonny Boy questions District Attorney Bill Gibson's purpose in vowing to "donate" some campaign money to a private firm.

bullet  Gibson's latest campaign trick
bullet Lawyer poll: Putnam County Bar finds alleged civil rights violator  T. Michael O'Mara more qualified than the incumbent, alleged civil rights violator William E. Gibson, to be district attorney general for the next eight years. Alleged civil rights violator Michael Knowlton was the third best qualified, the lawyers felt, while Jerry Burgess, the only candidate facing no federal civil rights charge, was the least qualified, according to the lawyers. Now, let's see what the Board of Professional Responsibility says about local lawyers to help determine what weight to put on their opinion.

The least DA Bill Gibson could do is buy drugs with the rest of the money like a decent and respectable DA, although he denies he used them with murdered school teacher Darlene Eldridge
Putnam Pit Guerrilla Law columnist


 Then there's this mysterious sign business
By c.d. 'Sonny Boy' norman
of The Putnam Pit staff



District Attorney William E. Gibson pledges in a newspaper ad to give campaign advertising money to help children -- er, we know you are not a rocket scientist, Billy Boy, but wasn't that newspaper ad an advertisement? You get it, don't you? Ad, advertisement, it's just a shortened version of the same word. ['Short' means 'not long.'  Like 'dumb' means 'not smart.'] Why didn't you use some of that sign money to help children?

Dog X photo

Looper arrested, but where are the others?
Here's a great new idea: hold all public officials accountable
Cookeville lawyer



DA's sign cost $2,797.37, nearly double what we reported

The Pit apologizes for any inconvenience
this understatement may have caused

Putnam Pit editor


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